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The Ultimate Chewy Sugar cookies

I was talking to my friend Jenni this week, about how in school, we had such extravagant, unfettered dreams for ourselves. I told her that in high school, I used to say, "I will love my Oscar, but I'll put my Tony on the top shelf," without a whisper of facetiousness . "The worst part..." I admitted to her, "the shelf I pictured in my mind, was a tacky glass case." My how things have changed in 17 years. While I haven't fully lost hope that I may still have such an honor bestowed on me, I'd be thrilled with a Razzie at this point, and I would NEVER, in a million years, put it in a tacky glass case.

And, If all of my acting training, grueling open mics, and thousands of dollars spent on headshots, only lead to a 5 minute spot at the Laugh Factory in 2019 and a handful of short films...I'll be okay. I have come to believe that I don't have to be a star to be happy.

Our value as individuals isn't comprised of the success we have in life. If the greatest thing I do is give you the ultimate sugar cookie recipe, and Meryl Streep wins an Oscar (or three) she isn't inherently worth more a person. Even as I type this, everything in me screams "SHE'S WORTH MORE, SHE WON AN OSCAR!" but, you can't eat an Oscar.

So, here is my offering to the world; a perfectly chewy, crispy, rich sugar cookie. It's humble and perhaps frivolous, but it came to be through no small effort and I assure you, it's divine. I started with a control recipe that I found from @kadylone on tiktok. I have to admit, her recipe impressed me and I worried there wasn't much to revise. Five batches later, I had proven myself wrong. While the original recipe was very dense, slightly crispy and chewy, I wanted chewier, fluffier, and with a bit of a deeper flavor profile. I achieved it by browning then cooling the butter, swapping out the AP flour with bread flour and upping the overall amount. I also increase the amount of salt, and vanilla, traded the golden brown sugar for dark, and decreased the sprinkles. This all means very little to you I'm sure, but these small tweaks proved to be significant to the overall outcome. I hope you love these as much as I do.



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