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A Coronavirus Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and while it was a very strange one, it was also quite lovely. In an effort to encourage social distancing, I canceled my bowling birthday, which really...are bowling balls the things we should really be touching during a pandemic? We kept our reservation at Freedman's for brunch which today I'm feeling a bit guilty about in light of the restaurant closures that go into effect today. However, had it been busy, we would have left. Since there were only 2 other tables dining in, we tucked ourselves into a corner and enjoyed a lovely intimate brunch.

I said hello to the owner Jonah before leaving, to find out who the interior designer behind Freedman's was. Turns out, he did it all himself. Seriously? The most incredible food and impeccably styled space? If there was ever an honorary Martha Stewart, I think he'd be it.

I also got to wear my vintage skirt I thrifted a few weeks ago and took my newly thrifted dooney and burke bag for a spin. This was one of the last treasures I thrifted and I think it will be a while before I get out to the shops again so I'm especially cherishing this one. In fact, I have been looking for a small, green, d&b crossbody for a WHILE now and I found it immediately on my last thrift trip. I almost screamed.

The rest of the day was pretty much a shut in experience. After driving to the Fryman canyon trailhead, our plan B for an afternoon hike, turned into plan C : an afternoon walk (through our much less crowded neighborhood of toluca lake.) We finally retired to our apartment and spent the rest of the day making and eating cake, playing scrabble, and watching movies. For a bust of a birthday, it was actually a really sweet day, spent with one of my favorite people in the world. How lucky am I to get quarantined with such a babe?

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